Special Gardens

special gardens Pharo Garden Centre

Each garden, city or country, shares the attributes of some natural habitat, a sunny meadow, a forest edge, a rocky slope, a bog.  At Pharo Garden Centre we can help you succeed with any type of garden creation you can imagine!
Old Fashioned Garden:  Grandma's Garden 

Many of us remember a particular garden from our childhood where we played for hours among the flowers squeezing and poking and tying them into garlands. Even now, a particular fragrance can still transport us to a particular time and place. Grandma gardened close to the house where space was available. her flowers were an enjoyable diversion and a refuge from the necessary daily grind. They were her dear friends and she knew them as Busy Lizzy, Old Maids, Snapdragon, and Love-in-a-mist. She plucked their long stems and welcomed them inside to cheer her indoor spaces. These flowers were well known to the gardeners of the time although newer varieties might also be trialed in her garden.

Cutting Garden:       

Many of the flowers which graced Grandma's garden were also good cutting varieties. These flowers are still with us but in response to consumer demands, have been bred to be shorter, tidier, disease resistant, and to lack fragrance. Finding the older varieties, long stemmed, sprawly and fragrant, has become a daunting task, but yes, we have them, also. A cutting garden can inhabit any section of your landscape whether in full view or discreetly tucked away and anything that you please to put in your vase is the perfect choice. Try colorful foliage or bulbs such as daffodils, tulips and lilies. The blooming branches of lilacs forsythia, hydrangeas, branches with berries and even grasses make containers fresh and exuberant.

Rock Garden:  

Crevices in a wall. Bare earth between patio pavers or stepping stones. Hot, dry, sunny, patches of garden bed leading to an entryway.  These areas are perfect for low growing succulents and alpine plants accustomed to living in lean soils with limited moisture.                   

Herb Gardens:               

Forget the last minute, rush hour sprint to the grocery store for a wilted bunch of parsley, dill past its prime or "sorry, all out of basil until tomorrow". But wait! Just beyond the back door is your own herb garden and nothing could be more fragrantly pleasing then your own herbs, in a pot or in the ground, easy and eager to grow in a sunny spot. Grandma planted herbs in her Old Fashioned, Cutting Garden, most likely including a large form of a Rock Garden favorite, the Sedum. 

Container Gardens:

This is a garden you can have anywhere there is enough space for a pretty pot. On balconies, driveways, patios and porches, just add the required amount of soil, water, light, and TLC. Be careful to include plants with the same cultural requirements and that with the coming of winter, container gardens left outdoors will need special protection.